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  • Ashley Van Etten

SO Rhode Island Magazine Story

Joe and I were thrilled, if not amused, with the recent article about us in SO Rhode Island magazine. This was my first phone interview and clearly phone interviews may not be the most accurate way to report. While the general content was more or less true, I was a little surprised by the details. So here's a few facts to set the record straight:

Joe, goes by Joe, never Joseph.

I repaired, made patterns and helped custom make ski clothing in Utah and Idaho, I wasn't producing it myself.

I don't hand sew t-shirts, I buy the blanks and print them.

While Joe and I did meet on our skis and went backcountry skiing every chance we got, back in the day, I wasn't jumping off cliffs or racing avalanches. I did publish Willywaw's Avalanche Booklet, a mini-tome promoting avalanche awareness, for 6 years.

I've yet to make a design with eel grass, might think about it now.

Brown Van, our '85 Westfalia, was not beat up and Joe and I were married by then and traveling together and we lived on Vashon Island, WA after we were married. I did live and spend time in many places before I met Joe, mainly Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. I did work on a trail crew in the Tetons, as a volunteer, for several weeks for two summers. I got hired on full time but took, what seemed to be, a better offer at the time, my only regret.

And the bit about "love". We do love each other, we've been married 18 years, but I think the writer may have thought it was 18 months! Which begs the question - is the honeymoon over? Nah.

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  • Ashley Van Etten